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Optiom Plus Explained

Turbocharge your auto insurance with Optiom Plus

Optiom Plus provides comprehensive vehicle replacement protection whether you purchase or lease a new or used vehicle. It also contributes towards your loan/lease obligations in the event your vehicle is a total loss and is written off by your primary auto insurer.

With Optiom Plus, you are eligible for up to 7 years of coverage on New Vehicles, and up to 5 years of coverage on Used Vehicles. Your premium is locked in at policy inception, and you are guaranteed no increases or re-qualification related to your vehicle for the period you maintain Optiom Plus coverage.

Even with the most comprehensive primary insurance coverage, you may experience significant loss that your primary auto insurer may not cover. Whether you have a New or Used vehicle, let Optiom Plus protect your investment when you need it the most!

Prime Policyholder Eligibility

Everyone qualifies as long as they carry full collision and comprehensive primary auto insurance, regardless of if they are new to Canada, a new driver, or have a poor driving abstract.